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I’m a visual storyteller with an instinctive draw towards everyday human stories. 

Growing up in West Virginia awakened me to everything wild and wonderful.  Working with Invisible Children during my college years made me acutely aware of the importance of film in defending human rights. Documentary film school at Columbia College taught me how to use a camera; but more importantly, how to craft a compelling story. Running a high school program in the redwoods fueled my belief that the rhythms of nature can both prolifically speak to and catalyze personal growth of the best kind. 

My wife Rebekah and I live in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a singer/songwriter and one of the best writers I know. A note or letter from her has a way of stopping me in my tracks and often makes me see familiar things in new ways.

I am most alive when making films that connect people, encourage empathy for, and amplify the voices of the oppressed. My dream job is to live in the middle of nowhere Madagascar making ethnographic films while Rebekah writes a novel about ______. 

You can find me around town talking to strangers, dreaming up music videos for hot new tracks, and playing ultimate frisbee on the east side.

Photos by Michael Wilson for Victor Athletics

Banner photo by Cory Tran