Let's learn a new accessibility tool together! 

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech. Once here, turn on Speak Selection and Speak Screen. 

Speak Screen is helpful because it will read things out loud for you. That's legit! Sometimes I will pull up an article and have Siri read it to me while driving to work.

But you can also use Speak Selection to highlight only a specific portion of text and have it read just that portion. Give it a try with one of the lines of text below:

Orion backwards is No I Ro.

Sameer's first pet was a turtle named Franklin. 

What do you call a Today at Apple Session that happened yesterday?

Awesome. Thanks for following along with me. This is just one of the many Accessibility features we will be covering in one of our 9 sessions on Global Accessibility Awareness Day: Thursday, May 17.  What is one of your favorite Accessibility features to show peers or customers?