You are doing amazing things

Let's tell the world!


There is nothing like illuminating, amplifying, and sharing the work of an organization doing humbling, inspiring, and meaningful things. Whether here in Nashville or on the other side of the world: I'd love to partner with you in telling your stories. 


The Nashville Community Bail Fund is doing great work here in Nashville. They help provide bail for people who can’t afford it.

A music video for David Baloche’s Album “Labyrinth”. It follows a few stories of refugees in Nashville and the two organizations (Catholic Charities and World Relief) that helped them out when they first got here.

Social Media Content promoting an event for various AIDS awareness organizations in Nashville


50th Anniversary Event Promo for Camp Hammer


"You have done an incredible thing... This is absolutely the best sponsorship video World Vision has. The way that you grasped so much information and then communicated it so clearly and beautifully is truly amazing. Can't tell you how much we've been celebrating over this story"  - Lauren Wilgus, Team World Vision Project Manager 

The runners interviewed in here are incredible. I'm consistently inspired by the Team World Vision staff's passionate commitment to helping the poor. I'm one that has "said yes" and sponsor a child, run races, and will do any kind of video work with them. 


Tell My Daughters exists to support healing for survivors of sexual assault. Honored to work with them. 


Summer Promotional Video for Camp Hammer


Creative Promo for a High School Retreat